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New……..the word of the day around here at the Newhouses!!!!  First off we are in our new digs.  It’s tiny but liveable.  Clearing out over 2,500 square feet of house plus  a 2 car garage and moving into 600 square feet is a challenge.
Here we are moving one of our last loads. Fortunate for us my parents loaned us one of their trailers to help move and to use as storage for the next year or so until we buy a new house.

Newhouses moving
Moving time

We are getting use to the new arrangement and have managed to eek out our new work areas.  It took a few weeks longer than we expected  to get things set up. The arrangements are not purrrrrfect yet, but we can manage to make needles,  dye fiber, and spin yarn……what else do you need?!??! lol….. Elbow room!!!!!

I’m working on a new secret project right now so can’t show you any current spinning photos, but hopefully in a few weeks I can let the cat out of the bag:)  I would take pictures of the new digs, but the secret project is every where.  Once it is finished up I will snap some photo’s so you can see what the worlds smallest spinning studio looks like…lol.

So much has happened sense I last blogged that I don’t think it is possible to catch you up on everything, so I will hit just a few of the highlights.  First off the The New Hue Handspuns website has finally been updated.  We were getting so out of date that all the new technology was having a hard time viewing our old shop. We had to give in and install new templates.  For many people that isn’t a big deal, but for us older non-techies without children or a webmaster, it was a real headache. Lucky for me Hubby stuck with it and after many hours of frustrating work got the stupid lovely new template installed…and working!  I cleaned up the front page a bit, and created several collages to rotate through the front page, but I still have a lot of work to get new listings up.

Biggest hill to climb right now is to get a new photo box made and find room for it.  I had to leave my old set up behind when we move, it was looking a little shabby and there just wasn’t room for it.  The new set up is almost done, and I hope to be taking a whole lot of pictures of handspun yarn, fiber, and needles in the next few days.

I’ve clocked in thousands of hours spinning over the past 20 years, and most of those hours were spent in my big old chair.  Sad to say big old chair couldn’t make the move with us.  It was just too big and a bit too broken to justify moving it into the new digs.  Now I have a new little old chair. This little chair has been hiding in a corner of the house for years.  The fabric is well worn, but I gave it a little spruce up with a Puletasi that my mother-in-law brought back from Samoa on one of her Red Cross trips.

My new little old chair
My new little old chair

The cool part about this chair is that it belonged to Will’s grandma and now we have moved into her old apartment with her little old chair!  Will had a little flashback the first time he saw me sitting in “grandma’s chair” knitting away. As a kid he watched his grandma knitting in this same chair in the same room.  Just to add a few more weird facts…his grandma and I share the same birthday, (not year…lol), I’m about the same build as she was, and my wedding ring was hers!  I never met her, but I sure do seem to fit in here:)

Many of you know that electronics and I don’t get along well, and my computer and I have yet to reach a truce……..I’ve lost over half of this post twice now and I am conceding to the fact that the computer is smarter than me… I will end this post  with the promise that I will be blogging on a regular basis now that we are all settled into our new digs!  Next time I HOPE to be sharing pictures of new fiber and yarn!!!

So until next time, Happy Spinning and Knitting,

Cheryl <^..^>

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