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Good bye Princess Pooky

Our Princess Pooky has passed away and my heart is broken…..

Princess Pooky
Princess Pooky

She was our little girl, always there for a snuggle or a game of chase.  She ruled the house.  It hurts too much, we lost our child. Seven and a half years was too short.  I can’t hardly think or stop crying, so rather than trying to explain how much we loved her and how big the hurt is, I will tell her story with pictures.

Pooky at 5 weeks
Pooky at 5 weeks old
Pooky’s first day home
already a daddy's girl by day 2
Already a daddy’s girl by day 2
Mommy's little snuggle bunny
Mommy’s little snuggle bunny
Pooky's first bath
Pooky’s first bath
Pooky's first Christmas
Pooky’s first Christmas
Supervisor Pooky
Supervisor Pooky
bestest kitty
super snuggle kitty

looking through the hundreds of pictures we have of her is becoming too hard so I must stop now…..  I will return in a few days with updates of fiber festivals, spinning, and new yarns, but for now I need to let my broken heart heal.

good bye Princess Pooky, thank you for being the bestest little kitty in the whole wide world, we miss you so much……

Love Mommy <^..^>