Spin Spin SPINZILLA!!!!!!

It is almost time for SPINZILLA!!!!  At the time of writing this there is about 30 hours to SPINZILLA……..and I am almost ready…lol…almost:)

I believe we all are born with talents and it is up to each of us to discover them and develop them to the fullest.  Some people are whizzes  with numbers, others accomplish amazing athletic feats.  There are those who climb mountains, and those that swim across large  bodies of water. Brave souls who sail around the world in tiny little boats all by them selves and those that leave the  confines of earth and step into space, and don’t forget those that eat many hot dogs in just a few minutes!…….Me……. my talent is to spin.  Nothing earth shattering, nothing that will be remembered after I’m gone, but I spin and I love it!!!!!    I see spinning similar to riding a bike.  You can take a lovely Sunday afternoon ride, soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the view….. Or you can take your bike to the top of Pikes Peak and race down like the wind!  Your hair blowing straight out behind you, heart racing , thrill ride of your life adventure.  I’m the top of the mountain thrill ride type:))))))  So you can imagine that SPINZILLA is my kind of FUN!  Here is my chance to show myself just what I can do….and the rest of you too:))))

Getting ready for SPINZILLA isn’t just about getting fiber ready, but also about setting the stage for success. First off you have to clear the calendar.  I’ve told the family I am unavailable from the 6-12 of October.  We are in the middle of selling our house and moving in with MIL but still everyone knows that Cheryl is UNAVAILABLE. No packing, no cleaning, nothing but spinning and the absolute least amount of time spent at the bakery and running the web store.

Next step is to stock up on the essentials.  For me this is making up quick meals that I can fix and consume in a few minutes.

prepping for spinzillz

I’ve cooked up pasta, made a big pot of fat free sauce.  There are eggs boiled for some quick protein and I will make lots and lots of little turkey sandwiches tomorrow. These are my favorite meals that my cranky old body will digest.  My cooking during SPINZILLA will consist of a few minutes of microwaving or toasting…simple and quick!

Next up you need to have plenty of fiber to spin.

New Hue Handspuns Spinzilla
SPINZILLA fiber Prep

There is 10 pounds of Bam Huey fiber all rolled up and waiting to be dyed. (yes that is a special  treat in the background, all low fat chips just for me!) I’m only dyeing up 6 pounds of  this Bam Huey for SPINZILLA.  I’ve been waiting for my dye order to arrive, but it must be stuck in  customs.   So this means I had to come up with an alternate plan.  I have a secret  order that I was planning to spin, but without the dyes I could not do it.   I then decided to create a new colorway just for SPINZILLA  and see just how much of it I could spin in 1 week.    I dyed the fiber in the wee hours this morning and by evening here is the first batch drying.

New Hue Handspuns

What…..did you think I was going to show you the new colorway this early ?!?!?!?!?!?!

Nope, you gotta wait until I have a skein all plied up:)

I have also been getting my work area ready.  I’ve emptied all my bobbins and the skein winder is at the ready.

New Hue handspuns
Bobbins emptied and ready for Spinzilla

Miss Mini is empy and ready to spin, my chair is ready and waiting.  The sad part is the chair will be going to the dump after SPINZILLA.  The poor thing is comfortable, but it is falling apart.  It is sad to see it go, but it is time…

New Hue Handspuns
Work area ready for SPINZILLA

Yes you can see the fiber hanging to dry, but the color really doesn’t show.

Last but not least one must get in the proper mood to spin for a week.  How better than to watch a Godzilla marathon on TV?!?!?   It would have been sooooo purrrrrfect for the Godzilla marathon to be on Sunday night just before the start of Spinzilla 12:01 AM Monday  October 6th…… but I’m happy enough with a Saturday night marathon.

So to all of you who train to run marathons, climb mountains, or eat the most hot dogs, I salute you, for Monday I climb my Mount Everest, swim my English Channel, and race my amazing race….. On Monday I spin……… life doesn’t get much better than this:)

Until next time,

Happy spinning and Knitting,

Cheryl <^..^>

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