My First Trunk Show!

My first Trunk Show is coming up right  here in Portland!  Next posting in just a few days I will have all the details.   I have done quite a few fiber shows over the years, but never a trunk show in a yarn shop.  Fiber shows always seem to have a high energy buzz about them, where every thing is go go go!!!  You have to move so fast from one person to the next  and there are so many faces that they blur together.  I’m not sure how the trunk show will go, but I’m expecting that it will be a bit more relaxed and that I can actually chat with people for more than 30 seconds.

Yesterday I had the chance to get some nice pictures of my latest shawl design.

handspun bamhuey Twister Shawl
Bam Huey Twister.




















The Bam Huey  Twister is 2 colorways plied together.  This one uses a plying pattern of 1/3 – Wisteria X Wisteria, 1/3 Wisteria X Raspberry Sorbet, and 1/3- Raspberry Sorbet X Raspberry Sorbet.  The pattern should be out on Ravelry a few days before Thanksgiving.  I will be sure to announce it here.

Here are a few more views of the Bam Huey Twister Shawl

back view Bam Huey handspun shawl
Not my backside view of Bam Huey Twister Shawl
Bam Huey handspun shawl
Bam Huey Twister shawl in Wisteria/Raspberry Sorbet










I probably won’t be doing a large stocking of Bam Huey Twister until after Christmas. I do have one skein in blues you can check out here .  I’m always happy to spin up a custom order, just ask:)  Does the yarn store in the pictures look familiar to you?  If it does, you just may know where my Trunk Show will be!

The work on the Just add knitter kits is almost done! The Neck Warmer kit is done and just a  few more tweaks on the mitts pattern and it will be ready to go!  Here is a picture of the test mitts…just one more mitt to finish.

New Hue and Newhouse Just Add Knitter Mitt Kitts
Just Add Knitter Mitt Kits almost done!

The Yarn -A – Long over on Ravelry is starting up, it isn’t to late to join up. Come on over and play!

The next few days will be consumed with dyeing fiber.  I hope to share some dying pictures with you next time along with the details for my Trunk Show!  Mr X’s sweater didn’t get much attention this week, but it should make it’s way back to the top of the knitting pile once the mitt kit is finished.

Until next time,

Happy spinning and Knitting!

Cheryl <^..^>

2 thoughts on “My First Trunk Show!

  1. Cheryl! Love the shawl…it must just feel amazing. How much bam huey did that take? I’m a knitter wannabe, so I’m particularly interested in your kit. The yarns are beautiful, and a cool pattern…sort of magic how the colors divide and combine.

    1. Thank you:) The drape is wonderful, and it has become my favorite everyday shawl. It is getting cooler now and I am thinking about making one in something thicker for winter wear. The shawl took in the neighborhood of 900 yards. The great thing about this pattern is that you keep knitting until you run out of yarn. It can be done with as little as 800 yards or as much as 1200. If all goes as planned I should have the pattern up as a free pattern on Ravelry by Thanksgiving.

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