The Rock has Moved!

Rock has been the word for the weekend.  If you have been checking up on me on facebook, you will see that I have had a 4 day long weekend to myself and I have spent most of that hauling rock!  There was also lots of trimming, digging, hauling of junk, and rock stacking going on too.  If I am doing my math right, I move about 600 pounds of rocks.  I didn’t spend a penny this weekend, just used what was in the yard.  I did have a few giggly moments while I was hauling rocks…… I kept thinking “some people actually pay for rocks…and here I am trying use up a bunch of rocks that are taking up space!!!”  If you missed the facebook pictures here is the beginning and the end.

Newhouse before
The BEFORE picture with junk, rocks, tree trimmings, and overgrown bushes.
The New View of the Rock wall from my hide a way chair.
The New View of the Rock wall from my hide a way chair.

My Goal this long weekend, besides doing something with rocks, was to also get some work done on the website…..let’s just say that it hasn’t happened as much as I would like, but the good news is that I have been getting some knitting done.

I’ve had the Bam Huey Calm Waters for quite a few years and I have never been able to spin it up and knit with it.  The colorway always sells out at fiber shows now matter how much I manage to dye up.  This year I decided I would spin it up at Black Sheep Gathering, and no matter how much anyone begged I was not going to sell them the yarn.  This time the yarn was for ME to knit up!!!!  I love to ply a striped single with a semi-solid and I knew I had to do this with the Calm Waters.  I plied it with Bam Huey High Tide. The sun is way too hot and bright on my new rock wall to get a real good picture of the 6 shades of teal/green/blue, but I couldn’t resist trying.  Later on I will get a really nice picture of my new shawl once it is further along.

Newhouse Calm Waters Shawl
Calm Waters/High Tide new shawl in progress on the new rock wall

The rest of the afternoon I will hopefully be snapping pictures of yarn and listing them on the New Hue Handspuns Web Store.  Would you believe I have over 150 skeins of yarn that are finished and NOT listed in the store!!!!!!!!!  If I ever find a Genie in a bottle I’m going to wish for a Web store manager who would take care of all the mundane busy work of selling and promoting, and leave me to my creating!

I guess I had better get to the busy work of running a business…..Until next time,

Happy Spinning and Knitting!

Cheryl <^..^>

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