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My Words in Pictures….

Why use words when you have pictures?????? That is my theme today:)  Instead of trying to come up with all the words to explain what I have been up to these past few weeks, I’ve decided to use my pictures!

Dyed, Spun yarn and knit a shawl for church camp auction
Dyed, Spun yarn and knit a shawl for church camp auction
about 21,870 yards of cashmere singles I spun for Tanglewood ....spinning
about 21,870 yards of cashmere singles I spun for Tanglewood ….spinning cashmere…so tough…lol
Enjoying/needing my Keurig
Enjoying/needing my Keurig
food and garden
Food and gardening show is a purrrrfect break from work.
Spun and knit up a set of Hand, Feet, and Ear warmers out of Baby Camel Down, Cashmere, and Merino.
Spun and knit up a set of Hand, Feet, and Ear warmers out of Baby Camel Down, Cashmere, and Merino.
lunch with Cheryl
Working lunch: Planing BSG booth and watching Nascar!
Rainbow Swiss Chard sprouting
Planted tomatoes
Planted tomatoes
neglected flower bed dug and planted with cucumbers.
Carrot watch, the leaves mark the rows of freshly planted rainbow carrot seeds.
Carrot watch, the leaves mark the rows of freshly planted rainbow carrot seeds.
fiber time
weighing out fiber to dye for BSG
Craft time
Making stitch markers for BSG
Took pictures of the flowers blooming in the back yard
How’s this for AWESOME glowing yellow tulips!!!!

Well I used a few more words than expected, but I hope you enjoyed catching up with my past few weeks in pictures despite the extra words:)

Until next time,

Happy Knitting and Spinning,

Cheryl <^..^>

New Hue Handspuns

1234 Huey & Putting one foot in front of the other

The release of 1234 Huey has been delayed but should happen soon…..some times life is so much of an adventure that all you can do is put one foot in front of the other.  My life is on one heck of an adventure right now.  Come take a peek if you DARE!!!!!!

We are still healing from the loss of our little fur girl Pooky.  Keeping busy has helped and boy-oh-boy have we been busy!   Lets get the personal stuff out of the way first and then on to the important stuff….FIBER!!!!

We are MOVING!  For many people moving isn’t such a big deal, they do it all the time……not me.  Being a 4+ generation farm girl I never moved growing up.  I had a few different dorm rooms and apartments while in college.  I was married within a year of graduating from WWU and we have lived in the same house we bought just after being married in 1986. So for the most part I have lived in 2 houses for my 51 years.  Twenty eight of those years have been in this old house.

I have to admit a just a few months after moving in to our house I wanted to move out.  Not because the house is horrible, but because I am NOT a city girl. Now after 28 years we are moving at last!  The reasons for moving are many, some good and some not so good .  We are taking a positive approach on this new adventure and see it as the 2 year plan that gets us to our final home.  We will be selling our house and  moving in with my Mother-in-law.  She is 88 and having a total knee replacement next week.  Our bakery business has still not recovered from the continuing  economic dump of 2008.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the  best move for everyone is for us to sell our house take over the basement apartment at mom-in-law’s for the next year or two.

The challenge is to take our 50+ years of collected junk from a 2500 square foot house plus 2 car garage to 550 square feet, plus a storage/dye room of about 100 square feet.   Can you say DUMP TRIP?????  We have put many things out on the curb and they vanish within minutes.  If I had known that the dead air conditioner would be gone in 4 minutes I would not have left it in the attic and tripped over it for 5 years!!!  Who knew…lol…. even tho it is funny to see how fast things are picked up it reminds me how bad the economy still is that so many people are desperate enough for cash to troll the neighborhoods for scrap metal.  We have put out large piles of scrap metal 5 times and every time it has been a different person picking it up.   I’m glad and a bit sad all at the same time….

We have actually enjoyed getting rid of the junk.  Most of it really is just junk, some memories, but do I really need things I haven’t seen for over 15 years?!?!?!  Not only do we have to empty out our house but we have to move Brother-in-law out of the apt. to an upstairs bedroom.  He has lived in the basement for about 35 years and the apt has pretty much become a dumping ground for his junk… in there are just a couple of rabbit trails through the room.  It is going to take a lot of work to clean out but it will be worth it, and in the long run B-I-L gets a cleaned out usable  apt once we move out which makes him happy too!

We will still be making needles, dyeing fiber and spinning yarn through all this adventure, but I may not be able to keep up communication as much as I should.  Please bear with me and just holler if you need something, we may be quiet, but we are here working away!

Now on to the important stuff……..Fiber updates and Pictures!  First up are pictures from my last trunk show at Yarntastic! Featuring my 2 new handspun lines 1234 Huey  and Cam Huey

Handspun New Hue yarn
Handspun 1234 Huey and Cam Huey trunk show at Yarntastic!

I hand paint the 100% Merino fiber for the 1234 Huey Handspun yarn in a 3 color gradient style.  These new yarns will soon be available at New Hue Handspuns  along with the 75% Merino 25% Baby Camel Down, rustic spun Cam Huey.

I finally have a sample knit from each of the 10 colorways, and all of them done from my own patterns created specifically to show off gradient handspun yarn.  The Shawl and Scarf pattern is available free on Ravelry,  New Hue Handspuns 1234 and Cam Huey Gradient Shawl  here are a few close ups.

New Huey Handspuns
1234 Huey Scarf in the Beach colorway

The other new free pattern I have up on Ravelry is the New Hue Handspun 1234 Mitts.  Nothing very difficult or exciting about this pattern, just a nice simple plain pair of mitts designed to show off 90-100 yards  of handspun yarn.

New Hue Handspuns
1234 Huey Mitts in Ocean
1234 Huey handspun Mitts in Rose Garden
1234 Huey handspun Mitts in Rose Garden









There are a few more patterns yet to be written up, here is the Shrug I have been working on.

New Hue Handspuns
1234 Huey and Cam Huey Shrug in Canyon colorway
New Hue Handspuns
1234 Huey and Cam Huey Shrug in Tropic










Here is a cute little headband/ear warmer I came up with using some short rows to show off the gradient.  I also have one done in the Desert colorway, but no picture yet.

New Hue handspuns
1234 Huey handspun Headband/ear warmer in Meadow.

Last but not least is the Hat or Neckwarmer pattern that needs to be written up.

New Hue Handspuns
1234 Huey handspun Hat in the Forest colorway
1234 Huey and Cam Huey neck warmer in Mountain colorway
1234 Huey and Cam Huey neck warmer in Mountain colorway










oh what the hay…one more picture:)  this one is 1234 Huey in the Prairie colorway .  I have  paired  it with the super baby soft 100% Baby Camel Down .  Here you can see that it is balled up and ready to knit.  It now is  a scarf…….OH MY!   I can’t wait until winter to wrap this ultra soft and warm scarf around my neck!

New Hue Handspuns
1234 Huey Handspun in Prairie paired with 100% Baby Camel Down

So as you can see, although I have been quiet, I also have been busy.  There are a few secret projects I’ve been working on too that won’t be seen until spring, but the work must be done now.  I have been playing with some new colorways in between cleaning out my house.  The new fall leaves colorway is making me VERY happy:)

Before I know it, it will be September 26th and time to pack up for Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival.  My wedding anniversary falls on the same weekend.  Last year my truck was hit on the freeway retuning from setting up for the show and I spent my anniversary in the emergency room…..this year I hope for better….lol.  As soon as OFFF is over it is time to start stocking up for SPINZILLA…….I have to defend my title of Individual Grand Champion.  Last year I competed against 600 US and Canadian spinners.  This year it is open world wide and there are almost 1,000 spinners signed up so far!!! I’m going to have to keep my nose to the grindstone to come out any where near the top.  Last year I spun 16,852 yards during the week, and I had to take a few days off due to visitors and burning my hand.  This year, NO visitors and No dyeing during SPINZILLA.  My goal is to break the 20,000 yard mark……we shall see:)

Next time around I hope to have some new Bam Huey colorway pictures for you,  right now I need to go restock the shop with fiber, and get to work on listing the 1234 Huey Handspun!

Happy Spinning and Knitting,

Cheryl <^..^>

New Line Launch Team for Knitters, Spinners and Lovers of Hand Knits!

New Line Launch Team spots are OPEN!

Sign ups for the team have been extended to Midnight Pacific Time JUNE 8th 2014.   This is the last chance to purchase 2 new yarn/fiber lines at wholesale prices!!!!!

You may be asking yourself what is a New Line Launch Team.  Short answer is that it is a way for Knitters, Spinners and Lovers of Hand Knits, to help me get a new handspun yarn and fiber line into my shop.  What do the Team Members  get out of it?  Wholesale prices!

Starting a new handspun yarn and fiber line takes lots of work and money.  Hard work isn’t an issue, I’m used to hard work and love long hours of spinning.  It is  money that I need to invest into a large fiber purchase.  What the team members do for me is prepay for  fiber and yarn which gives me the cold hard cash to make a large fiber buy.  I will be selling a limited number of spots on the team for knitters, spinners, and lovers of Hand Knits.  All kits will  be sold at Wholesale prices!  This is the first time I have offered handspun yarn, fiber and Hand Knits at wholesale prices to the public.  This special pricing will only happen during the launch of a new yarn/fiber  line, so grab it while you can because you will not see it for this price again!

How do you become a New Line Launch Team Member?  Simple, purchase any kit! Spots on the team will be open from May 10, 2014  Through May 30, 2014. Warning, spots are limited and may sell out prior to the cut off date. Kits can be purchased here here at New Hue Handspuns.

I will  be hosting a Knit and Spin Along at my Ravelry Group New Hue Handspuns Creations.   Check out the group to see how  New Line Launch Team members can receive discount coupons for New Hue  There will  be  prizes awarded for team members, the more that participate, the more prizesBig Smile.

Let’s get on to introducing the yarn!!  Here it is at last, the Cam Huey  and 1234 Huey handspun yarns and spinning fiber.

New Hue Handspuns Cam Huey
Handspun Cam Huey, Merino/Baby Camel Down

The Cam Huey handspun yarn is DK weight 2 ply yarn. The white, thicker rustic ply is 100 % Merino wool. The thin brown ply is Baby Camel Down.  Talk about soft and strong!  The lofty Merino  gives strength and  a big squooosh factor to the yarn, and the oh so soft Baby Camel Down just begs to be snuggled.  I made an ear warmer/head band out of this yarn last  Winter.  It was so comfortable and warm, I only took it off to wash it once in a while.  I was quite please on how durable the yarn was. The Cam Huey comes in a 200 yard skein.

New Hue Handspuns 1234 Huey
1234 Huey 100% Merino Wool

The 1234 Huey handspun yarn is also a DK weight 2 ply yarn.  Both plies  are 100% Merino wool.  I hand paint the fiber with 3 colors in a gradient style. I then spin the fiber in the color pattern of 1-2-3-3-2-1.  This way you can create a scarf/project with matching ends. The skein for the scarf knit kit is 100 yards.  The skein for the shawl size kit is 300 yards.  There are 10 colorways for you to choose from.

Three of the colorways are pictured here,  Beach, Mountain, and Forest. The remaining 7 colorways  will be for those who want a bit of surprise to their package.  I will only describe the colors, no pictures

1. Beach – Cream, Pale Green, Pale Blue.

New Hue Handspuns 1234 Huey
1234 Huey in Beach colorway

2. Mountain – Purple, Bluish Purple, Blue.

New Hue Handspuns 1234 Huey
1234 Huey – Mountain

3. Forest – Light Green, Dark Green, Brown.

New Hue Handspuns 1234 Huey, Forest
1234 Huey – Forest

4. Ocean –  Light Purplish Blue, Medium Blue, Dark Blue.

5. Meadow – Spring green, Medium Green, Dark Green.

6. Rose Garden – Bright Pink, Reddish Pink, Deep Dark Pink.

7. Prairie – Pale Tan, Rusty Brown, Dark brown.

8. Tropic – Bright Teal Blue, Bright Teal Green, Very Bright Teal Blue/Green.

9. Desert – Pale Yellow, Sandy Brown, Reddish Brown.

10. Canyon – Rusty Brown, Rusty Orange, Rusty Red.


The Scarf Knit Kit has 500 yards of DK weight handspun yarn.  Included in the kit are two 200 yard skeins of Cam Huey Handspun yarn and one  100 yard skein of 1234 Huey Handspun yarn, your choice from 10 colorways.  Along with the yarn you will receive my new scarf/shawl pattern, created specifically for this yarn combination.  The pattern will be available on Ravelry,  or I can email a PDF  copy to you, or a hard copy can be included with the yarn shipment if you prefer. There will be only 50 of these kits offered at the wholesale price.


The Shawl size kit is 3 times the size of the scarf kit.  This kit includes Six 200 yard skeins of the Cam Huey Handspun, and one 300 yard skein of 1234 Huey Handspun.  Along with the yarn you will receive my new scarf/shawl pattern, created specifically for this yarn combination. The pattern will be available on Ravelry, or I can email a PDF copy to you, or a hard copy can be included with the yarn shipment if you prefer. There will be only  five of these kits offered at the wholesale price.


New Hue Handspuns spin kit
Spin kit with Forest

The Spin Kit will include all the fiber needed to make the 3 skeins of yarn in the Scarf size knit kit.  Six ounces of Merino wool, two ounces of Baby Camel Down and two ounces of hand painted Merino wool. Be sure to join in the Spin along on Ravelry  if you would like coaching on how to spin it up like Cam Huey and 1234 Huey.  There will be only 50 of these kits offered at the wholesale price.


Do you love handspun hand knits, but you just don’t have the time or energy to spin and knit for yourself? Want to give someone a very special birthday or holiday gift?  This is your chance to join the team and help support the New Line Launch!  I will be offering VERY limited spots for Lovers of Hand Knits.  There will be two finished Scarves offered and one  finished Shawl.  All hand knits will be dyed, spun and knit to order with your choice from 10 colorways.  Expect 1-3 months for delivery.  Your delivery date will be set when order is placed.

New Hue Handspuns Scarf
Scarf in Cam Huey and 1234 Huey – Beach
New Hue Handspuns shawl
Shawl in Cam Huey and 1234 Huey – Forest


Launch Teams memberships will be available from May 10 – June 8th.  No limit on how many of the kits you can purchase, but the total number of kits is limited to 50 Scarf Knit Kits, 5, Shawl Knit Kits, 50 Spin kits, and 3 Lovers of Hand Knits.  USA shipping will be a $6 flat rate.  I will ship international, but I am sorry to say that this time around I will have to charge actual shipping costs. I’ve always kept   international shipping at a flat rate of $6, but I can’t afford to pay the additional shipping cost on wholesale purchases. International purchases will receive a paypal invoice for the actual additional shipping costs over $6 after purchase is made.

International orders will ship on Monday July 14, 2014.  USA orders will ship on Monday July 21, 2014.   If all orders are completed ahead of schedule I will ship earlier!


Scarf Knit Kit :  Retail price, $98   New Line Launch Team price, $58.80

Shawl Knit Kit : Retail price, $294, New Line Launch Team price, $176.40

Spin Knit Kit : Retail price, $48, New Line Launch Team price, $28.80

Finished Scarf : Retail price, $198, New Line Launch Team price, $118.80

Finished Shawl : Retail price, $594, New Line Launch Team price, $356.40

All kits are available for purchase here at New Hue Handspuns  

I’m excited to get the Cam Huey and 1234 Huey lines up and running, and am looking forward to getting to know the team!  Come by Ravelry and introduce yourself in the group.

Until next time,

Happy Knitting and Spinning,

Cheryl <^..^>

Time Flies, and Plans are Hatching!

Time is flying faster than ever, or at least it seems that way.  I remember as a kid time passing so slowly, a week was forever and a year an eternity.  Now a year passes in a blink of an eye, and a day lasts no longer than the flutter of a humming bird’s wing.   I don’t seem able to slow time down, so I  best be picking  up my  pace!  I can hardly believe I have been home for 2 weeks and I have not found the time to blog!  It has been on the list of things to do each day,  but somehow the day runs out before I get to blogging.  Thanks to those of you who have been rattling my cage, and checking up on me, you’ve inspired me to make time for blogging  and move it to the top of my To Do List!  Now I have a lot of excuses of why I didn’t have time to blog, some of them are plans that are still under wraps, and some that I can share with you.  For now, let’s play catch-up!

We left off with my last days out Llama farm sitting, and the Big Table of work I brought along with me.  The Good News is that the table is now cleared off!!!!

New Hue Handspuns Big Table
The Big Table has been cleared!

I made a lot of progress on my projects and even finished a few 🙂  Our part of the taxes are done and turned over to the accountant to deal with.  I finished all the adding, subtracting and figuring  before returning home, but once I was home it was several days of digging trying to find some missing papers.  We kept with our usual time frame of finishing in the nick of time…. as in plug in the last numbers and race to make our appointment in time….lol  some things never change.

I did finish the Water Lilies and Hillflowers  Scarf, and blocked it first thing when I got home.

New Hue Handspuns Water lilies
Water Lilies and Hillflowers back home at my dining room table.

I love Anne Hanson’s Hillflowers because it shows off multi color handspun yarns well. Here’s my favorite shots.

New Hue Handspuns
how’s this for a close up?!?
New Hue Handspuns and Kitchnering
Kitchnering Water Lilies and Hillflowers

I have been winding mini skeins when I have a spare minute and knitting on my  WIP shawl.  Unfortunately the spinning and knitting  that have been taking up most of my time I can not share with you quite yet!  What I can say is that I am working on a new yarn line and it involves 2 types of yarn. I will be  having a special to launch the new yarn, but it is a few weeks away.  I also have built 2 new displays for my fiber booth at Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival that is just 3 weeks away!  Once again time is flying by me at warp speed.  I promise to keep up with time a little better now.  Next time I may be able to share a few hints about the new handspun yarn, but for now I need to shift into high gear and get back to spinning!

Until next time, Happy Spinning and Knitting,

Cheryl <^..^>

Book work to Sweater-The End of the Big Table

I’ve made it to the other end of the Big Table, where the book work and  sweater reside ….the end with 2 projects that have been looming over me for weeks and I must get them done!

New Hue Handspuns
The other end of the Big Table

Yes that is Mr X’s Sweater…the one I made too big in the arms.  I started the cutting and re-seaming weeks ago, but it is scary and tedious.  Two things that send me running away to find something else that needs to be done!  But alas the only other thing left is that pile of papers and books.  That’s the stuff I have to organize, add up and get ready for my accountant for the yearly taxes.  Yes we are cutting it close to the tax deadlines, but why rush when you just have to give them more money!?!?

Today is book work day for me.  I love what I do, but like any business it includes doing things you don’t like.  Book work is one of those things, but it must be done, so today is book work day.  I’m setting up to make it as painless as possible. I finally figured out how to work the Bose radio out here on the farm, and set it to my favorite station!  For those of you who know me well, know that electronics are not my friends, so this is a really REALLY  BIG accomplishment for me.  Anything more than on/off , up/down can send me into a complete brain meltdown.  I now have the tunes cranked, snacks bowls are filled, coffee is brewing, adding machine is warmed up, all that remains is for me to get my hind end in that chair and get the work done! But how about I stall just a little longer…lol …and show you a picture of my finished Water lilies and Hillflowers  scarf, well almost finished. I’m waiting to block it until I get home:)

New Hue Handspuns
Water Lilies and Hillflowers all Kitchnered up

I love the Hillflowers pattern  by Anne Hanson.  It shows off handspun multi color yarns so well!

Ok, I’ve stalled long enough, off to book work land for me…..well one more picture… Last night was so beautiful and clear.  I watched the sun set and the moon come out while relaxing on the deck… cool is this:)

New Hue Handspun's moon rise
Moon rise

Until next time, Happy Spinning and Knitting…..and book work

Cheryl <^..^>

Making Minis While the Sun Shines

Today I will let you in on my plans for all that yarn in the middle of The Big Table…….Minis, yes, lots and lots of mini skeins!  This pile of yarn will soon turn into many many Mini Skeins.

New Hue Handspuns mini skein project
Time to make the Minis!

Making handspun yarn can result in a lot of small bits of yarn.  There is the testing of dye combinations, then so many options to spin up the fiber.   This means there is lots of handspun yarn around my house that never makes it into the Shop.  Today I start winding away!  I’ve been having a lot of fun with color work lately in my knitting.  I whipped up the hat you see in the picture using lots of little bits of left overs.  My plan is to have several baskets of minis in my booth at Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival along with a few samples and patterns to inspire others to play with color….while at the same time getting all these pretty  bits of  yarns out into the world:)

I did get the fingerless mitts finished yesterday, but I stayed up too late watching TV, and fell asleep before I could write a blog post.  I got hooked on a show…..there are 44 episodes of it  on Netflix….I watched 17 of them yesterday…Yup, I’m hooked.  So the rule today was, Post first  THEN  watch TV!!!!

I’ll leave you today with a picture of the drying mitts

New Hue handspun mitts
Bunny Patch and Bam Huey Mitts

They never look quite as good all wet, but perhaps in a day or two I will get some prettier pictures  outside.  Speaking of outside….look how nice and peaceful my view was yesterday!

Kathy's Llama
It doesn’t get much better than this!

Until Next time, Happy Spinning and Knitting!

Chery <^..^>

Nine Days and counting

I left off last night with a picture of the Big Table full of yarn.  For those of you who know me or have seen pictures of my dining room table you may have recognized that this is NOT my table.  I’m off Llama and puppy dog sitting.  Hubby is at home taking care of the Bakery and taking care of shipping orders for New Hue Handspuns while I am relaxing in the peace and quiet. See my Blog header picture up above, that is what I get to see every morning from the big table! I’m here for nine days and I brought along all those projects I’ve been meaning to take care of but never seem to find the time.  I decide that in nine days I should be able to get a good amount of work done.  Lets break down the Big Table into project groups and a few days of blogging.

First up is Knitting projects that need finishing, and newly finished handspun skeins that need pictures taken and listed in the shop.

New Hue Handspuns projects and handspun yarn
Plenty of knitting and listing to keep me busy busy busy!

In this picture you can see 4 shawls that need some knitting! They are all  Anne Hanson, Knitspot Designs.  I would like to get at least 2 of these done while I am here.  Hill Flowers, the greenish one in  the  in the top right  corner, only needs 1/2 of one repeat to finish then it is time to kitchner it.  The blue one in the bottom right corner is Sugarfrost.  It has lots of bobbles and isn’t even half way done.  I would really like to get this one done, but I’m betting a few repeats is all that will be done during the nine days. The purple in the left bottom corner is 100% cashmere and it is for me! Unfortunately being for me puts it at the bottom of the list, the other shawls must be done first so they are ready for display by the time the Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival rolls around the 3rd week of April.  Top left corner I REALLY want to get finished.  The Flaming Swan has been on the needles for over 2 years!  For the last year I have been hiding the mango container of 7 balls of yarn that are connected to the shawl  behind my display at shows.  It sure would be nice to just be able to hang the finished  shawl next show.  The skeins of yarn to the left are what I spun up during my trunk show at Yarntastic! last week.  If the sun comes out during the nine days I hope to get some outdoor pictures of these skeins and get them listed in the shop.  If you check out the center of the picture closely you can see the start of a blue fingerless mitt.  I’ve been working on the mitts first.  They are a custom order that needs to be done by the time I return home, because they ship out the next day!  I now have one mitt done, and 2/3rds of the second one.  Hopefully tomorrow night I will have pictures of the finished mitts.

It’s time for me to hit the hay, the sun comes up in about 4 hours and the critters will want to be fed, so it is off to bed for me. Tomorrow will be all about the project that takes up the middle section of the Big Table. For now I will leave you with a little more eye candy of my adventures last week…

New Hue handspuns trunk show
part of my trunk show at Yarntastic!

If you look closely you can see the yarn for the unfinished Flaming Swan hiding behind the garden fence….I am SOOOOOO looking forward to getting this one done!!!!

Until next time, Happy Spinning and Knitting,

Cheryl <^..^>

Water Lilies in Ravellenic Winter Games 2014

The Ravellenic Winter Games 2014 are in Day 6 now. I’m playing on Team Knitspot, and have made some progress.  I have 2 projects in the WIP Dancing event.  I’ve  added a few repeats to my Flamming Swan but my Blue Sugar Frosting is still awaiting some attention. What I have been working on is my Fleece to Finished Object game. I’m using my new colorway Water Lilies with Anne Hanson’s Hillflowers. I started by dyeing the Bam Huey Fiber with a new dyeing pattern I’ve been experimenting with.   The dyeing pattern needs a little more tweaking  to achieve the look I was going for, but I have to say I am pretty pleased with the results.

Bam Hueh spinning Fiber Water Lilies
Bam Huey in Water Lilies quick drying in front of the fire place.
Bam Huey Spinning Fiber
Water Lilies split into 16 strips ready for spinning








I spun up 2 skeins of the Water Lilies.  The first  I split the 3 oz roll of fiber length wise  into 16 strips and plied it against itself . I’m using this skein for the scarf.  The second skein I spun up in a heavy sport weight and plan to make a set of mitts to go with the scarf.  Here is the start of my  Water Lilies and Hillflowers.

Bam Huey Handspun Water Lilies
Water Lilies and Hillflowers

I’ve been finishing and testing  the first batch of our size 2 and 6 Newhouse Custom Carbon Fiber Needles .   We have had some rod issues and we have chosen to redo some of the needles.  Sorry that this has delayed shipping by a day or two, but we want your needles to be purrrrrrfect!

Mr X’s Sweater is in a time out.  The re-seaming is moving along slowly, hopefully I will get back to it in the next day or so and GET-ER-DONE!

I have another Trunk Show coming up at the end of February, and I will have all the details of that in my next post.Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival is looming. I’ve been making plans for that and will tell you about them soon.

Until next time,
Happy Spinning and Knitting!
Cheryl <^..^>





Mr X’s Sweater…..The Drama Continues…..


Mr X’s sweater is done…but not done….

The pieces were finished,

Aztec Mazes Sweater
The pieces are done and fit together!

This is my first seaming project.  I’ve not done a sweater before because I’m not confident in my seaming ability.  I googled and watched videos about seaming.  Before long I figured out how to do a mattress stitch, did a few practice runs, and dove into seaming up the sweater!  The mega pound sweater then hit the bath.

Aztec sweater pattern by Anne Hanson
Mr X’s Soaking Sweater

At last the sweater was laid out to dry.

Aztec Sweater
Mr X’s Sweater laid out to dry at last!

I’ve enjoyed knitting Anne Hanson’s Aztec Mazes. I fell in love with the pattern and the ease of knitting it. I did drop the cables because I thought it suited my brother-in-law better with out them. Yes that’s right, my BIL Dan is Mr X. He loves the sweater….the problem…. I made the arms too big. I have been researching my best option to skinny up the arms. I’ve decided to re-seam the arms and cut off the extra materials. I have been working up my courage to start cutting, and this afternoon it is my goal to take the plunge! Wish me luck!!!!  One more close up before the scissors attack.

Aztec Mazes
LOVE this Pattern!!!!

OK a REALLY Really close up…..

Aztec Mazes close up
how’s that for texture!?!

I’ve had some other knitting on the needles. I finished off my hat of old left overs. This is some of my Merino/Angora handspun used with handspun Alpaca. A VERY nice WARM hat!

New Hue Handspun Angora,Merino,Alpaca hat
A Very Warm Merino, Angora, Alpaca Handspun hat.

I’m getting geared up to watch the Olympics on TV and knit along with the Ravelry Games.  I’m playing on Team Knitspot. I have 2 WIP’s to knit on and am contemplating a fiber to finished project. starting from dying the fiber, spinning the yarn, then knitting an Anne Hanson Pattern.  That starts on Friday, guess I best be making some decisions soon!

We have good news on the needle front.  Our Newhouse Custom Carbon Fiber Needles will be offered in two new sizes.  We have a small delivery of the new US size 2 – 3.0mm, and US size 6 – 4.0mm  raw rods on the way.  We have been taking pre orders and have a few spots left for this first batch.  The new sizes should be listed in the shop early to mid March, until then if you would like to order a custom pair, please contact me HERE through the shop.

There has been spinning too.  I had fun spinning up 1,000 yards of Bam Huey in the Joseph’s Coat colorway. This turned out to be a very heavy fingering weight of about 14/13 wpi. Bobbins full of all the rich colors of Joseph’s Coat always makes me smile.

New Hue Handspuns Bam Huey
Bobbins of Bam Huey Joseph’s Coat

I forgot to take pictures before sending this skein off to it’s new home, but I did remember to take one pre bath, all tied up in it’s washing ties.

New Hue Handspuns Bam Huey Handspun yarn
1,000 Plus yards of Bam Huey Waiting for the bath!

There was also baking going on…..what better to do  on a freezing cold afternoon than warm the house by baking an apple pie?!!?!

Newhouse pie baking
mmmmm pie:)

I’m going to go grab a cup of coffee and a nice warm piece of pie right now…see ya!

Until next time, happy  Knitting and Spinning!

Cheryl <^..^>


Knitting and Sitting in the New Year


I’m having a hard time believing that it is 2 weeks into the New Year.   I remember when a year seemed to take for ever, now I blink and a year has passed!  I’m going to have to kick it into high gear if I want to keep up!!!!   I haven’t shown my face here for the past few weeks, but I have been busy.  Let’s play catch up!

We left off with me doing a 10 pound hand painted fiber restocking over at New Hue Handspuns.  My web host gave me a bit of a scare by going off line for several hours, but fortunately it revived itself in time for me to get the listings all done and up just after midnight.  There is lots of fiber to choose from and I have been restocking the sold out colors as often as I can.  Gneiss Rock has been a big hit and I am trying to find some time to spin one up for myself! I want to do a two ply fractal spin with very short repeats.  I’m thinking of knitting it up in a very pebble like pattern.

Bam Huey by Cheryl Newhouse
Bam Huey Spinning Fiber in Gneiss Rock

More of the Gneiss Rock is being dyed this weekend and should be available in the store about Monday:)

After the fiber update and getting the shipping done I headed out to do some more farm sitting for Steve.  I started to come down with a cold the morning I left.  Sneezing and achy all I could think of was a nice hot bowl of chicken noodle soup.  Fortunate for me Steve did an excellent job of food shopping and I had every thing I needed to make up a nice big HOT pot of Chicken Noodle Soup:)

Home made chicken noodle soup
Home made Chicken Noodle Soup at Steve’s

I love spicy hot food especially when my sinuses are clogged.  I found a big bottle of hot sauce in the fridge and added a good quarter cup of it  to the soup, that and a fresh grind of pepper just before serving…..just what I needed to blow those sinuses right open and chase the cold away…well that and lots of orange juice.

I felt better after the soup, but didn’t have the energy to do much knitting while I was there.  I had Mr X’s sweater with me.  I only have 1 inch left to knit on the arms and then it is time to start seaming…… or screaming as the case may be for me.  I think I keep stalling on knitting  that last inch because I’m not too confident about my ability to seam. Here is the Sweater, waiting……..waiting……..waiting…. Better just bite the bullet and get-er-done!

Aztec Mazes Mr X's Sweater
Mr X’s Sweater parts waiting for seaming

I couldn’t completely give up knitting  while I was vegging in front of the TV, watching movie after movie.  When the Princess Lap Puppy allowed me, I knit on this….

New Hue Handspuns Hat
Handspun Hat ala Left overs

I always have left over bits of handspun yarn rolling around.  I rounded up a bag of them and decided that there was a hat some where in there.  I’m am knitting with  2 yarns at the same time, something I haven’t done in a project before. One yarn is Alpaca that I  spun up 17 years ago that is left over from a pair of socks. The other yarn is a Merino and Angora blend that has been hanging around for over 10 years.  This is going to be one WARM hat!  I’m making it up as I ago, but I’m liking the results so maybe I had better write it down now, before I forget what I did.  Don’t you hate that…. you think “oh I’ll remember that”……yeah right….better go get a pen and paper…

There was plenty of football watching during my stay .  The Seahawks manage to hold on to the win….had to start wondering about them at the end of the 4th quarter.  There were some knuckle biting tense moments  during the game, but I had set up plenty of munchies for my football party for one.

veggie tray
Football snack tray
snack tray
Cheese and Crunchy for football day







I’m now back home and ready to play with fiber.  My wonderful needle making husband has just returned from picking up 10 pounds of Bam Huey fiber for me…..time to hit the dye tables.  I see Frog Ponds, Ancient Roses, Gneiss Rocks, and Carmels in my near future….

Until next time,  Happy Spinning and Knitting!

Cheryl <^..^>